Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Full Moon - Seventh Month

Okay close your eyes - imagine all the pieces as they were in "last" month's post. You see them? You remember them that way? (For those who are having trouble visualizing, check out the previous post.) Good - that's exactly where they are this month. I have not had time to stitch since my last update. My three nephews are in town until Sunday so my life currently consists of getting up, going to work, coming home and changing and then heading over to my parents until they are all in bed (the boys, not my parents, though dad was in bed before I left one evening). The exceptions are days were I don't work and I go over for 8 in the morning and spend the entire day with them.

The one exception to the not stitching is the project I'm working on with my oldest nephew, I got the idea from Amy Powers and here is the piece Stinker and I are working on:

 Next we are going to stitch around the tie and then the ears. Oh, and he's supposed to look scary - so he can scare away the monsters.

So until next month when there are 2 full moons and hopefully more to show off, happy stitching!