Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Long Overdue Happy Dance

This title is apropos for a couple of reasons. First of all, like all good birth samplers, it was seriously late. It arrived before their second birthday, but usually I'm done and have them delivered in one year. (I only do birth samplers for my nephews/nieces, CSB's children or BFF children.)

Second of all, these have been done since the end of January and were delivered mid-February so this happy dance should have been posted then.

These are for my nephews - twin boys born April of 2010. I did 2 Mirabilia Little Stitches designs - On Grandmother's Quilt and Rosebud Lullaby. On Grandmother's Quilt is done with no modifications. I did modify Rosebud Lullaby, 'cause like I joked, I want my youngest nephew to speak to me when he's fourteen. I changed the colours of the roses from pink to purple and I also removed some of the bling and bows. (Original design can be found on the designer's homepage.)

My parents did the framing for me and the mat colours coordinate with Crescent Dreams (also Mirabilia Litlle Stitches) I did for their older brother in 2007. All three of them have the same yellow inner mat board.

But enough of the talking - on the the pretty pictures.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Full Moon - Third Month

As I was driving to work this morning, the full moon was large, beautiful and just going down past the horizon. It made me think that this is one the last mornings I will see the full moon on my way to work in the morning until next winter. Full moons mean one thing around here - it's time for another WIPocalypse update. This month hasn't been as exciting as last month. (I still need to do happy dance posts for my nephews pieces.) I haven't even framed Swirly Sampler yet, but taking advantage of a sale at a local frame shop, I have the frame ready to go. I just need to stretch the piece and it's ready to go.

Not as much in the way of happy dances this month, but I can't only have months with three pieces that are days away from happy dances. So what has been worked on this month?

In Progress
1.  Newborn Joy
I haven't worked on since the last update. So much for my fantasy of finishing it. However, the plan is to finish it in the month of March

2. Blackwork Sampler
Very pleased with the progress on this one. I have only one section left to complete. A couple of good stitching sessions (and the Brier - curling - is on, so lots of good stitching time) and it should be done.
Last Month:

This Month:

No Progress
1. My Way Canvas Work
2. Once Upon a Time - have decided that this is the next one to get worked on after Newborn Joy is done.

New Starts
1. "M" is for Mother - no news
2. Fairy Moon - no news
3. Lost in the Garden - no news
4. Victorian Garden - no news
5. Nothing new has caught my eye and demanded to be started this month. I did on Leap Day buy 10 new patterns from Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) and Patterns On Line.

That's all folks and have a wonderfully stitchy month.

Friday, March 02, 2012

I Knit on Fridays

Last week I stopped at my local yarn store (aka lys) which is also the closest thing to a needlework store we have in this city (lns). The owner was surprised to hear that I was there to buy yarn. I told her it was Friday and "I knit in Fridays."

So it is Friday again and tonight I knit. I knit with a group that meets at a local coffee shop. I thought I would tell you a little bit about my current prices and future plans.

While I have avoided the whole "oh look, shiny"distraction with my needlework, it struck with my knitting last week. I have decided to knit a dog.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Month of Crafts

Apparently March is the Month of Crafts. While I'm primarily a needleworker, I do like my crafts. I haven't done any projects for awhile, but I stockpile project ideas like they are about to disappear from the face of the earth soon and if I don't save them, I won't have any projects or ideas. So it's time to take some of those ideas and turn them into reality.

Given the success I've been having with WIPoclypse, I thought I would apply some of the same logic. So the first step is to create a list.

1. I think I need to make some stars: Lucky Stars
2. In the spirit of trying things: Baking Soda Clay
3. Under the thinking big category: Craft Suitcase (I have my Great-Grandpa's old suitcases in my closet, this would be fun to do with them)
4. Playing with colours: Spring Wreath

I think that is enough for now. There is no time schedule for these, but I would like to try to do them in the next 2 months. I'm also taking a needle felting class in April. That should be fun.