Saturday, August 11, 2012

Full Moon - Eighth Month

This month has been crazy busy. I've been out of town, all of my out of town friends have been in town.

I however did have some evenings of quiet to stitch and even a couple of opportunities to stitch with friends (hi Megan!)

1. Once Upon a Time
Well, I finished it on August 8th, but I finished it before I made my update so I'm counting this.
Last Month
This Month

In Progress
1. Lily of the Valley
I did spend some time outside of Thursday evening this month working on this. Mostly because I'm a bit behind my other co-horts who are stitching this at this time.
Last month

This Month

2. Happy Go Lucky
I didn't include this in my last month's update but I did spend a little bit of time on this in June. I spent some more time in early August while stitching with Megan. This is a great piece to take for social stitching since if the squares are ready (coloured, know what's going in them, etc.) they are quick and easy to stitch while chatting.
Last Month (well, minus the hair)

This month

No Progress
1. My Way - this is the last month this will see no progress. Last night I pulled out the pattern and the material. Today I hope to start stitching it again.

New Starts
1. "M" is for Mother -  no change
2. Fairy Moon -  no change
3. Lost in the Garden - hope to have canvas ready for this soon
4. Victorian Blooms - hope to have canvas ready for this soon
5. Stars of the New Millennium - have the canvas and have some more overdyed thread on the way to check out. Hopefully in the next week or so I'll be putting together my threads to order for this project. October will be here soon.

Oh, Look - Shiny
Wow, nothing in this category this month. I've been too busy.

As usual, hoping you all happy stitching.

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