Friday, December 21, 2012

Full Moon - Twelfth Month

Okay, let's get this last entry before the end of the world. The last couple of weeks have been consumed by Christmas crafting - I'll show pictures later.

Nothing new is done.

In Progress
1. Lily of the Valley
This one is so close, but I ran out of thread I needed for the border.
Last Month
This Month

2. Fairy Moon
No more blob - it's starting to look like something.
Last Month
This Month

No Progress
1. My Way
2. Happy Go Lucky
3. M is For Mother

Just Started
1. Seasonal Rays
Yep, I was bad, but I thought I would be done Lily of the Valley by now.

New Starts
1. Lost in the Garden - no change
2. Victorian Blooms - no change
3. Stars of the New Millennium

Oh, Look Shiny!
Nothing in this category this month, but I have plans for new January starts.

Until the next update, Happy Stitching!

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