Thursday, September 26, 2013

There is a Gun in My Bed

It is loaded with rubber tipped foam bullets. Today's count is 3 bullets in one load of laundry. These are just a couple glimpse of my current life.

Since I last updated my blog, a lot has changed. At the beginning of April I moved to a different province to start a new job. I put my condo on the market, looked for a new place to live and moved in with my brother and his family.

In May I found a condo near my brother's family. It was under construction, so I was able to select the finishes. Late in June I accepted an offer for my condo and late in August I moved my possesions into storage here.

I love my new job. I work for my brother and his partner as office support and production analyst. The business is in construction. A few months ago there was a major flood in the area, creating a lot if work in the industry. Needless to say, work is busy.

My current status is as such. I am currently still living with my brother, his wife and 3 boys (ages 6 & 3). My new condo should be ready in a couple of months. My computer has not had a reliable connection to the Internet, and I doubt it will until I move out. I take my oldest nephew to his piano lessons and supervise his practicing. I go on dates with my nephews. I have joined the local stitching guild. I don't stitch much (see nephews above). There isn't a day the boys don't make me laugh. I miss my old life, but I know I can have a good one here.