Sunday, June 25, 2006


Well after months of contemplating and weeks of writing this entry in my mind, I guess it's time to get it out there. Let's start with the basics of who I am and go from there. My name is Rachel, and I am a 30 something single woman living in a Western Canadian city. I live close to my parents, whom I'm very close too. I have one brother, younger, but at our age it no longer matters who is married, has one dog and lives about 7-8 hours away. Some of my favourite people in my life includes my only grandmother, my best friend Mel, my cousin Megan, and several other friends you'll probably meet as we go along. I work as an admin assistant for a publicly traded company that designs and manufactures electronic equipment. I report to the Vice-President of Manufacturing and my day consists of anything but answering the phones and typing. My preference is to play with large amounts of data in spreadsheets. I go to school as well, working on getting my Accounting designation. The exact route of how I get there is up in the air right now, but I'm still committed to pursuing it. My hobbies include cross stitching, reading, puttering on the computer, watching TV (too much of it for my own good), knitting and other crafts. Given a choice I would rather indulge in my hobbies than do anything else. Well, that's a start. Next up a manifesto of what this blog is. See you all then.

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