Saturday, July 08, 2006


So, now that you know who I am, it's time to discover what this blog is all about. First of all, I make no promises. I hope to post to this regularly, but I'm notorious for starting journals (paper) and dropping them after a couple of days or weeks. I have a lot of essays that drop off in the middle of a sentence or paragraph. Discpline in writing is not my forte.

As to the topics that will be discussed, I make no promises. Somethings that will show up - my friends and family, my hobbies, but mostly the hot topic of my mind. Maybe a link every now and again, possibly some pictures. I have been clipping comics from the newspaper since I was a kid, maybe I'll share some of them with you. Hopefully I'll share some of my works in progress (WIP) for my craft projects, as well as the finished products. I don't have a digital camera, so no guarentees there either.

As to writing style and lengths of articles, well whatever seems appropiate and I have patience for at that moment. I don't promise to always spell check, but I'll try. I tend to like doing asides and will probably be following rabbit trails everywhere. Not to mention parentheses (I love them). While I like writing, I have no desire (or disclipline) at this time to be a professional writer so this is not to perfect my writing style etc.

So far I've told you a lot of what this blog isn't going to be, I think it's time to say what it will be (but no promises - I reserve the right to change this at any time). My goal for this blog is to give me a space to disgorge the contents of my brain. So it could be anything from what's happening in my life, to my thoughts on books, TV, current affairs, to links to what else looks good out there in the world of the internets.

So there you go - what this blog is all about, but no promises.

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Shannon L. said...

Yooohooo... we need an update ! :)