Friday, March 05, 2010

Failure and Accomplishment

Failure is the result of experimentation. Failure happens when the results don't meet the expectations. Failure is when you try something new and it doesn't work. I made ganache today and instead of getting a nice smooth chocolate sauce, I got lumpy stuff with oil on top (now that's it's in the fridge, the oil looks like butter). I'm pretty sure it's because of the chocolate I used, but have no idea. If anyone out there has any suggestions I'm all ears.

I also experimented with the cheesecake I made today. Basically I looked at the recipes I had for cheesecake and said none of them will do, so I'll try something else. I have no idea if the cheesecake turned out, but I know it won't be covered in ganache. (I really hope I'm spelling that right - Firefox doesn't think so, but it's suggestions aren't what I want either.) I'm going to have to try the cheesecake in the next couple of days because I'm planning on serving it to other people on Tuesday and if it didn't work, I'll need to move to plan B.

The accomplishment part of the title up there is one of my good intentions. I wanted to clean up my RSS subscriptions this year. In the process of catching up on my blog reading after being gone for 2 weeks (which incidentally is taking me 2 weeks) I've been working on this. I've done a first pass and any blogs that changed location, I made sure I was subscribed to the new location and then unsubscribed to the old one. I also put all the blogs that haven't been updated in a couple of months in an archive folder. Sometime in the next few weeks I want to go through the archive folder and any blogs that I don't know why I subscribed and am pretty sure I wouldn't miss reading them if new material showed up.

The trip to Mexico was great. Here's one of my favourite pictures.

The little boy is my nephew, who I've decided his Internet name will be Stinker. He pays more attention when I call him that then his real name. There may be more stories about Mexico in the next few days, but don't put money on it. Stories that could include the fact that one of my closest friends was only miles away one day when we were there and we should have completely hooked up, but neither one of us knew how close we would be to each other. Of course there is another story about how difficult it is for my family to get home from Mexico. Second year in a row we spent a night in a hotel in a city we had no intention of going to. But for now - good night all.

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