Monday, January 09, 2012

Full Moon - Month One

It's time for WIPocalypse check in and since it's also the first time I've posted pictures, these will serve as my "beginning" post as well. I've only worked on one piece since the New Year so it truly is where these pieces were at the beginning of the year.

In Progress
1. Swirly Sampler
This one is the closest to completion and just may be done this week.

 2. On Grandmother's Quilt
All I have to do is stitch my nephew's name and birth date on it, wash it, iron it and sew on the crystals, buttons and ribbon.

 3. Rosebud Lullaby
I'm proud of this one since I changed the colour of the roses from pink to purple. All that is left is the same list as for On Grandmother's Quilt.
4. Newborn Joy
It's hard to see the progress on this one since it's mostly the white on white stitching. This is for my CSB's youngest son - must remember to e-mail her and ask if she wants the colour of the roses changed on this one. I believe they are yellow.
5. Blackwork Pansy
Am teaching this as a workshop in April, would like it done by the beginning of March.

6. My Way Canvas Work
This is from the workshop in November 2010. I was told by my guild mates I may be the last person to complete it. But I can think of at least 3 other people who aren't done either. I can't start on any of my other kitted up canvas work pieces until this one is done.

7. Once Upon A Time
The oldest one on the list. Also very close to completion, but keeps being pushed aside for "obligation" pieces.

New Starts
1. "M" is for Mother - it's a surprise for the recipient.
2. Fairy Moon - I have had this kitted up since I started Once Upon a Time
3. Lost in the Garden - canvas work
4. Victorian Garden - canvas work
5. Whatever else catches my eye - oh look, shiny!


Anonymous said...

you have some lovely WIPs - look forward to seeing "Once Upnon a Time" grow

Anonymous said...

You have some very pretty WIP's, good luck with finishing Swirly Sampler this week.

Ziggyeor said...

bwahahah on OH Look Shiny! yup been there I think I caught it off my ferret ;)

Marcy said...

Good luck with your WIPs -- I can't wait to see Once Upon A Time finished. It's a beautiful pattern.

Beth Pearce said...

You have some wonderful pieces in your WIP stack - it will be fun watching them develope!
Good Luck