Monday, January 30, 2012

Cue the Machines!

I'm doing it again, writing blog entries in my head instead of, you know, on my blog. Here's one that has been simmering since Tuesday.

I'm well known in my lack of affection for housewrok. If I have to scrub something I tend to get bored and wander off. I do like the whole putting things away aspect - I can putz away at that for quite sometime. It's just the actual scrubbing of surfaces that I do not enjoy.

On Tuesday I did the kind of housework that I enjoy - 3 loads of laundry and 1 dishwasher run. At the end of the evening I had clean clothes, clean towels, clean dishes and a nice chunk of stitching done. It reminded me of the other machines I would like in order to take over more of the housecleaning responsibilities.

First of all is the Roomba - a vacuuming robot. I don't actually mind vacuuming, but it's possible that this thing could go under my furniture more than once a year which is my current rate.

But the one that has me really excited is the Scooba which WASHES floors.  That is the task that needs to be done way more often than I have a desire to do so. My floors are old and crappy in the bathroom and kitchen and my really poor mopping skills and motivation are not helping them at all.

(The best part of the product description is where it says "all you have to do is sweep" and all I can think is "not if I also have a Roomba.)

So CUE THE MACHINES and let them clean!

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