Friday, May 11, 2012

Supermoon - Fifth Month

It was super moon this month! I didn't get to see it as it was overcast and raining/snowing in Medicine Hat where I was for the weekend for a cousin's wedding. It was a blast, but it meant that this entry is laaaaaaate.

Enough with the prologue and on to the important part - what got done and where are the pictures?

1. Newborn Joy
Once again, I met the deadline of having it done in April - it was completed on April 28th. Since this piece is for a little boy, I changed the pink roses to yellow (some of the roses were yellow originally, but now all are). The yellow was a suggestion from the mother - also a cross stitcher. I was campaigning for purple, like I did for my nephew's Rosebud Lullaby. I have to say, I'm really happy with the yellow. Now this is added to the list of HD posts I need to do. I dropped this and the blackwork pansy off at my framer's today.
 Last Month

  This Month

In Progress
1. Once Upon a Time
The first thing I did when I picked this up again (best estimate is I put this down in the summer of 2010) was to put in a couple of stitches. Then I ripped out those stitches and did some counting. Then I've spent the last two weeks taking out the dove that was almost completely stitched that was stitched OVER ONE. For other people who cross stitch, you will understand my horror. Instead of one stitch, I had to take out 4 tiny teeny stitches. I was using a beading needle instead of a tapestry needle so I could get between the thread and the fabric. As of last night the nightmare was over. Here is the backwards progress as it stands right now.
Last time


In my fantasy world this would be under the finished category next month.

No Progress
1. My Way - can you believe that on my original WIPocalypse list that this is the only one so far that hasn't gotten anything done on it? I keep talking about it - there were 14 of us that took the workshop in the fall of 2010 and there are 4-7 of us that aren't done yet. One of these days....

New Starts
1. Nephew's T-Shirts - no progress on this because I still haven't found the right shirts. Anyone know where I can find light blue T-shirts in size 3 and 6? I am willing to order them online.
2. "M" is for Mother - fabric is purchased
3. Fairy Moon - no news
4. Lost in the Garden - no news
5. Victorian Garden - no news

Oh Look Shiny...
Remember way back in the past (the first WIPocalypse entry) I left a line for anything new that caught my eye that wasn't on the original list. I think it's time to give it a separate section after this month. I'm committing to new projects all over the place - mostly canvas.
1. Stars for the New Millennium -  my favourite online stitching group (hi Wagoneers) is starting a SAL (stitch-a-long) for this project in October. I held out as long as I could because of the unfinished My Way that is similar to this project, but on March 28th my resolve weakened and I ordered the pattern. For those who are curious - here is the best place to see pictures of this pattern - Pinterest Board. The designer is Anthony Minieri. I'm in the process of deciding on colours and thread. This should be a fun adventure.
2. Lily of the Valley Collage by Laura J. Perin - I meet with my local stitching friends every Thursday evening for a stitch in. A few weeks ago one of the ladies started bringing in this project, but was getting frustrated with it since she was having trouble with miscounting it. One of the other ladies mentioned that she would love to do it as well as a SAL. I chimed in that I love the piece as well (it's my "birth flower") and would be interested in joining as well. Another lady has it all kitted up so it looks like there will be four of us working on it together. We will start as soon as the canvas arrives. For those who are curious, you can find it on the Secret Garden Collection page - scroll down to Lily of the Valley Collage. By the way, this isn't the only piece in this collection that I love.

So there you go, the latest and greatest update. I hope you all good stitching this month (and no frogging).


Beth Pearce said...

Congrats on your finish, good luck on Once, and I really love the Garden Collages - beautiful!

Veronica said...

Congratulations on finishing Rosebud Lullaby. It's beautiful! Wonderful progress on Once Upon A Time too.