Friday, April 06, 2012

Full Moon - Fourth Month

Another month has past and it is time to update y'all on my progress this last month. Overall I have to say I made good progress, but I would have loved to see more.

1. Blackwork Pansy
Yay - it's done and pretty much by the deadline I set for it. Once again, I'm overdue on the Happy Dance post for this one. This one is special because I designed it myself. More details will be available on the happy dance post. But enough talk - let's see some pictures!
Last Month

This Month (excuse the wrinkles, I've washed and pressed it, but I'm still carting it around to show off so until I frame it sometime next month, the wrinkles will stay.

In Progress
1. Newborn Joy
Last Month
This Month

All that is left is the beading, personalization, ribbon and button (which I have to buy). 

I have to say, while these are not the most crisp pictures I've ever taken, the colours look great. Maybe there is something to the northern light on an overcast day.

No Progress
1. My Way Canvas Work
2. Once Upon A Time

New Starts
1. "M" is for Mother - Hope to buy the fabric tomorrow
2. Fairy Moon - no news
3. Lost in the Garden - no news
4. Victorian Garden - no news
5. This month 2 of my nephews turn 2 and the oldest nephew turns 5 in May. I started a tradition of stitching their names on T-shirts every year for their birthday.

Boy's Shirts 2011, Uploaded with Snapbucket

So as soon as I can find appropriate size T-shirts that don't have printing on them I will stitch these (I also prefer the colour to be light blue, but I've used grey in the past). These have higher priority then any of my No Progress or other New Start pieces.

So I'm going to make some predictions for the next month. I will not be stitching much this next week. Part of today's plans is going to meet my nephew's aunt and uncle to bring the boys back to spend Easter break with my parents. So I will be with them whenever I'm not at work (or the dentist). I have craft and baking projects planned to do with them, but they are not conducive to stitching time. So at the next Full Moon update, I want Newborn Joy and the T-shirts done. Anything I get done over and above that will be bonus.

And That's All Folks! see you next month.


Cathy said...

Nice finish and excellent progress on the baby.

Heidi said...

Beautiful projects, great progress!

Julie said...

Nice work,you had a good month.