Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stinker and Auntie At Home Depot

A few days before my brother and SIL came for Thanksgiving (a week late, but that's another story) mom found out about a kids activity at Home Depot to build a fire truck. She signed Stinker up and it fell to me to take him.

When we got to Home Depot there were tables set up with little kits to build a fire truck. We also found out that a real fire truck was coming and would be parked out front for us to check out after we were done the build. So Stinker and I got down to work.

Look how official we are with our orange apron

Time to get down to business - it's important to watch what you are doing when working with a hammer. My contribution was mostly to get the next block placed where it should go.

I'm not a big fan of using my camera for videos, but he was doing such a great job with the hammer, I just had to get the action too (note him playing the director and the actor).

The finished job - note at some point I wrote his name on his apron - he now looks official.

Now it was time to check out the fire truck parked outside.

He doesn't look small very often anymore, but he does here.

The fire truck even came with live firemen to talk to.

Auntie goes for the "artistic shot"
 Since I'm up here, I might as well check out the view from this side.
 Afterwards we picked up fruit smoothies at Tim's and we didn't forget about the littles - they got fire hats and smoothies too.

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