Monday, October 29, 2012

Full Moon - Eleventh Month

So let's chart the progress for the past month. Well more like three months. I could be saying that to make me feel better about the amount of progress this month, or lack thereof.

I took a stitching workshop one weekend this month that my stitching guild holds once a year. There were two different projects, a canvas piece and a Hardanger/blackwork piece. Right now I don't consider the Hardanger/blackwork piece a WIP since I don't have any immediate plans to work on it. However the canvas piece isn't WIP either, since it is done.
I will finish it as a scissor case (eventually). But for now it's done. It is designed by Carol Storie (who was our instructor for this workshop) and you can find here webpage here.

In Progress
1. Lily of the Valley
This one is coming along nicely, just the fill (started tonight) and outer border to complete.
Last Month:

This Month:

2. Happy Go Lucky
No real change, just a few more French Knots on the poodle. I didn't even take a new photo this month.

3. My Way
Filled in some more border. This piece has also been re stretched since something in the last month the frame came loose.
Last Month:

This Month

4. Fairy Moon
The only change is it went from being a one colour blog to a two colour blob.
Last Month
This Month

5. M is for Mother
Another one that didn't see any stitching this last month (and no new picture). The only change is that I had a friend serge the edges so that it no longer frayed.

New Starts
1. Lost in the Garden - no change
2. Victorian Blooms - no change
3. Stars of the New Millennium - I ordered another overdyed to see if I liked it for this project. I'm hoping to have it this week so I can take it with me on holidays next week.

Oh, Look Shiny!
Nothing this month, but I plan to do some shopping while on holidays next week.

I've mentioned my holidays. I'm going to spend the week with my cross stitch buddy and we plan to watch TV and stitch all week. Maybe the progress will be epic in next month's update.

Until then, happy stitching.

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Marcy said...

Good progress! Your Lily of the Valley project is beautiful!