Thursday, February 09, 2012

Full Moon - Second Month

As I drove to work this morning under the light of the full moon I thought of all I accomplished this month. I'm happy about the progress I made this month. So here is my WIPocalypse update.

1. Swirly Sampler 
Yes, it's done - the HD post is here but to summarize
Last month

This month

I have the frame picked out and am just waiting for the framer to assemble it. I took advantage of a annual sale offered by one of the local framers so it'll be at least 2 weeks until I see the frame and get all the parts put together.

2. On Grandmother's Quilt
I haven't done a Happy Dance post for this, but it is complete and framed
Last Month

This Month

3. Rosebud Lullaby
Yep - same scenario as On Grandmother's Quilt, complete and framed, but have to do the Happy Dance post.
Last Month

This Month

In Progress
1. Newborn Joy 
I'm happy with the progress on this one. I would love for this to be done this month, but that might be ambitious.
Last month

This Month

2. Blackwork Sampler
Also pleased with the progress on this one. I started to work on it February 2nd so in a little less than a week this is the progress I've made.
Last Month

This Month

Ideally I would like to complete the stitching by March 7th. At this time this looks doable.

No Progress
1. My Way Canvas Work
2. Once Upon A Time

New Starts
1. "M" is for Mother - I have now purchased the pattern and the accessory pack and still need to pick and buy fabric.
2. Fairy Moon - no news
3. Lost in the Garden - no news
4. Victorian Garden - no news
5. Nothing new has caught my eye and demanded to be started this month. However this is a new month.

I'm quite pleased with the progress I've made this month and hope to continue it. I've been thinking about why I think this is working for me. Creating the list has given me focus. Having no expectations means that I'm not rebelling. Then I also like the fact that I'm reaching my goals so hopefully that will be a high that will spur me on the continue with the progress I've been making.


Ziggyeor said...

Pretty progress and I like your framed pieces.

Beth Pearce said...

Your pieces are just darling. I have never seen them before, but I like them. You did make great progress this month - congratulations!