Thursday, March 01, 2012

Month of Crafts

Apparently March is the Month of Crafts. While I'm primarily a needleworker, I do like my crafts. I haven't done any projects for awhile, but I stockpile project ideas like they are about to disappear from the face of the earth soon and if I don't save them, I won't have any projects or ideas. So it's time to take some of those ideas and turn them into reality.

Given the success I've been having with WIPoclypse, I thought I would apply some of the same logic. So the first step is to create a list.

1. I think I need to make some stars: Lucky Stars
2. In the spirit of trying things: Baking Soda Clay
3. Under the thinking big category: Craft Suitcase (I have my Great-Grandpa's old suitcases in my closet, this would be fun to do with them)
4. Playing with colours: Spring Wreath

I think that is enough for now. There is no time schedule for these, but I would like to try to do them in the next 2 months. I'm also taking a needle felting class in April. That should be fun.

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