Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Long Overdue Happy Dance

This title is apropos for a couple of reasons. First of all, like all good birth samplers, it was seriously late. It arrived before their second birthday, but usually I'm done and have them delivered in one year. (I only do birth samplers for my nephews/nieces, CSB's children or BFF children.)

Second of all, these have been done since the end of January and were delivered mid-February so this happy dance should have been posted then.

These are for my nephews - twin boys born April of 2010. I did 2 Mirabilia Little Stitches designs - On Grandmother's Quilt and Rosebud Lullaby. On Grandmother's Quilt is done with no modifications. I did modify Rosebud Lullaby, 'cause like I joked, I want my youngest nephew to speak to me when he's fourteen. I changed the colours of the roses from pink to purple and I also removed some of the bling and bows. (Original design can be found on the designer's homepage.)

My parents did the framing for me and the mat colours coordinate with Crescent Dreams (also Mirabilia Litlle Stitches) I did for their older brother in 2007. All three of them have the same yellow inner mat board.

But enough of the talking - on the the pretty pictures.


Veronica said...

Oh, those birth samplers are gorgeous. Congratulations!


Christine said...

Both of them are beautiful! Congratulations!