Sunday, October 07, 2012

Full Moon - Tenth Month

I've got an old monitor hooked up to my computer so quickly before I finish setting up my new computer and de-commissioning this one I thought I would get my pictures uploaded and this update posted.


Nothing again this month. I mostly started things this month. When you consider everything that has been completed this year, it makes sense that at some point I would have to start things so that I would have things to stitch.

In Progress
1. Lily of the Valley
I continue to make progress with this one. The part I like about this is if I get stuck during the week working on it (mistake made, can't figure something out) I just put it aside knowing that I will take it to Thursday stitching and it will get jump started again. The boxes are also great for gratification while stitching these - a few hours and you have completed something.

Last month:
This month:
 Close up of the latest completed square (well, almost, this square gets beads on the centre of the pink stitches).

2. Happy Go Lucky
Once again slow progress as this is my take to meeting piece.
 Close up of latest square completed (I did this when I was sick of doing French Knots).
 Close up of Poodle still in progress.

3. My Way
Well, now my options on this piece are really easy and somewhat tedious or need to think a lot. I have to either complete the border (tedious) or the 2 squares I'm designing. You can see that I've made progress on both of these, but it will continue to be slow as they are both time consuming.

 Close up of completed square (maybe my favourite square on this piece -  I like the density).
 Close up of square that I'm designing. Don't get too attached to the blue bit in the centre, it's going to get ripped out.
 Closer up of the stitch I chose for the squares on this piece. Doing this made me happy - I've loved the stitch since I saw it somewhere on the Internet and it worked perfectly in the space I wanted it to go.

Just Started
1. Fairy Moon
I started this on my retreat last weekend. It's at the typical blob of stitching in the middle of the fabric stage right now.
 Close up

2. M is for Mother
I started this at a stitch in hosted in the common room of my condo for all the representatives from the western region of the national stitching guild I belong too. More progress was made at the stitching retreat. This one avoids the blob aspect by having small motifs that look like something after a couple hours of stitching.
 To give a sense of scale:

New Starts
1. Lost in the Garden - hope to have canvas ready for this soon
2. Victorian Blooms - hope to have canvas ready for this soon
3. Stars of the New Millennium - have the canvas. I have also made my overdyed thread selection. Now I need to pick all the colours/threads for this. I need to find a few hours where my head is in the right spot. This SAL (stitch-a-long) has started this month, so I will be a bit late, but I won't be the only one.

Oh, Look - Shiny!
A couple things may fall in this category. First of all is the project for my guild. It's a small canvas piece that should be fun and quick to do. The second is a pattern I've fallen in love with and hope to procure in the near future - Starburst Flag of Canada (you will have to scroll down - it's the 3rd one).

That's all for this month folks. Now I'm off to install more RAM in my new computer and get it set up.

Happy Stitching! 

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Christine S said...

I will most definitely be acquiring the Starburst Flag of Canada design in the not-too-distant future! It's a great design.

Lovely progress on all of your WIPs and new starts!