Friday, January 01, 2010

About me updated

So I was reading the post that started this all in 2006 that was all about me and decided a few updates were in order.

1. I'm no longer working for the VP of Manufacturing. I know work as a Project Coordinator in Operations. I still don't know what that means, but I still don't answer the phone or type. It's actually a great job with fabulous co-workers/bosses and I really think that we are on the cusp of greatness.

2. School wise I've completed the courses for the Accounting Certificate through the local technical school. I'm taking time off school right now since I've been doing work full-time and school part-time for the last 6 years. Right now I don't have any intentions of pursuing further study unless my career warrants it.

3. My brother and sister-in-law no longer have a dog, but do have a son. I love being an auntie. There may be a lot of Linc stories (or at least pics when I don't have anything better to go with a post, he's so cute). They are also expecting twins in spring. I'm so excited.

4. Megan has 2 sons and Mel has a husband.

5. I have a digital camera and no excuse not to post pictures.

That should catch you up.

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