Friday, January 01, 2010

Good Intentions

So New Year's Day (Official Day of Good Intentions) and some people make resolutions and some people resolve not to make resolutions. I'm not that fond of making resolutions since I suck at self-discipline and I don't want to feel bad about myself. I'm also not good with plans, but they are necessary at times.

For the past 6 years while doing school part time I would have summers off at least from the school part of my schedule. This last June when I knew I wasn't going back to school in the fall, I didn't make plans for what I wanted to do during the summer. (Please note, the last time I attempted to blog was early summer, obviously a summer plan that year.) That meant that anything rattling around my brain didn't really get articulated with a deadline and nothing got accomplished. The thing to note about self-inflicted deadlines - I mostly ignore them. However some time after the deadline, I get what I want done. So I need the deadline to make my plan feel more real to me.

Don't worry if the previous paragraph makes no sense. I said I was endlessly fascinated with my mind. It doesn't mean the rest of the world is.

So these aren't goals or resolutions, but what I'm calling good intentions. Sort of like a plan. With a timetable. Subject to change on whim. I am female after all. But there are categories.

1. Blog. Part of my reason to blog is to record progress on the rest of my good intentions. Hopefully all the posts won't start with "Well I didn't get a done or b done and forget about c, that's never going to happen ..."
2. Weed through the music on my computer. I have picked up stuff from various places over the years and some of it I never listen to, have never listened to, don't know why I have it. So it needs to go.
3. Load all my CD's onto my computer. I know, most people did this about 4 years ago. I know about the trends, but the last thing anyone would call me is trendy. These two intentions have a reward attached to them. I want an iPod Classic to load all my music on.
4. Go through my RSS feed list. Google Reader tells me I have 331 subscriptions. Some I never read the new posts and others that are completely dead. So I need to get rid of the deadwood. (Yeah, yeah, I know this used to be one of the completely dead blogs.)
5. Learn enough about web pages so my blog template doesn't look so dorky.

I'd like to get good at photography, but that's not going to happen without some effort, so...
1. Learn something new about photography once a month. Potential topics here include camera settings like aperture, or styles/techniques like macro photography. I really would like to take wonderful pictures of my projects and the children in my life.
2. Learn more about photoshop by doing a photoshop tutorial a week or fixing a photo a week.
3. Post pictures related to last 2 intentions on blog.
4. Take more pictures. I'm think this means to trying to do Project 365 which means taking a picture every day. I took one today, if I don't forget I'll post it at the bottom of this really long post. (Incentive to keep reading.)

1. I have a lot of cookbooks that I've never made anything out of. So my plan is to cook something from a different cookbook at least once a month. Maybe bake something once a month as well. So then I will try something new every other week.
2. Post results on blog.
3. Invite people over so as to cook for more than just myself all the time.

1. Lots of ideas for craft project, very little follow through. I intend to plan/complete a different craft project each month. I have hundreds of ideas stored, so I just need to start trying different stuff.
2. Organize craft supplies. I have just about everything I need, except for the work table. Which since my craft room is also my living room will be the coffee table. My dad is building my coffee table, so once that is done there is no excuse left for not organizing the craft supplies. (Coffee table includes storage.)
3. I love Christmas trees but I haven't made ornaments for several years. I want to make some this year. Especially the idea I have for using old Christmas cards. I'm not making any goals for how many need to be completed, just that I want to work on this.
4. Needless to say I'll be posting the results to my blog, hopefully.

Thus ends the thesis, let's see how this year turns out.

Here's how it started:This is where I slept last night. Grandma spent the night so I gave her my bed and was too lazy to blow up the air mattress.

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