Friday, January 08, 2010

A Good Friday

Not The Good Friday.

Today was my first earned day off (EDO) of the calendar year and I've had a very good day. It actually started last night. I washed my car and headed grocery shopping. There I parked my car underground so it would dry and not freeze up too badly. After I finished grocery shopping I went to my weekly stitch - in. (It's held in the community room at the grocery store, so it makes sense to do both concurrently.) After thawing out my car thoroughly (3 hours above freezing) the weird clunking sound from the back of my car is gone. Yay! It was also great stitching for the first time in a month.

This morning I got up, showered and started to de-Christmas my house. Boy it takes a long time to take down the decorations on a tree when there are well over 50 ornaments and 4 different types of garlands. I sure glad I leave my lights on year to year and don't use tinsel. I also took the Christmas decorations off the white tree, the mantle and the shelf unit. All that's left is getting the trees actually taken down and put away and packing up the ceramic ornaments. By the way, we have tree decorating parties, we should have tree un-decorating parties since un-decorating is a lot less fun than decoration.

After lunch I headed out running errands. I was 66% successful. I cannot find tree bags in this city. I think I waited a week too long. So it's time to get creative with storing my trees. I also went to my parents for a few minutes before heading home for a nap.

This evening has been great. The curling game was top notch. While watching I worked on the sock I'm knitting. I also made a couple of paper Christmas ornaments. More on these in another post.

So the game plan for tomorrow is a visit to Michaels, breakfast with the gang, spending some time doing stuff at mom & dad's and then working with Photoshop. That will meet my intention to work with Photoshop once a week.

Now a picture and story. The picture is quite simply of my bead garland that goes on my tree every year. I like it a lot - the creamy colour and the fact that there's a lot so it loops around my large tree. The first couple years it was a huge pain to deal with. It would tangle on it's self it you looked at it funny. It took hours to detangle. I think one year it took over 4 hours to get it straightened out and then it had to go on the tree without tangling again. There was a bad chemical smell to them too. Not that your could smell it in the air, but your hands would reek after working with it. Mom came up with the simple solution you see here. We made a bobbin out of some cardboard. Now it goes on and off the tree easily. The chemical smell has also gone away with years of use. I really love it on my tree.

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