Sunday, January 24, 2010


So what's been going on since the last post? Not much, hence the lack of posts. I've made some more of the Christmas balls I showed in the post. I've now used up all the appropriate cards I had saved from last year. I've made 18 so far. I still don't know where I've stashed previous years cards, so I'm not going to worry about making more for now. I may make more if the cards show up in the great craft supply organization planned for later this year.

I did not consider the Christmas card balls as my intention to complete a craft project a month. I did complete my planned project this evening. Using the instructions from here I made a zippered pouch. You can see my results on the left. The most difficult step for me was the stapling of the second side of the zipper. However the material was quite forgiving in the matter of removing the staples and trying again.

So my criteria for a successful project include how easy was it to accomplish, did the results match my expectations and will I make it again. Like I said, I had trouble with one step, but other than that everything went well. I am pleased with the result - I did not choose fabric that I'm completely in love with (the colour is more burgundy that the picture is showing). The result is quite satisfactory and met my expectation. I will be making more of these. First of all I bought a remnant of fabric from WalMart to do this and I have lots left over, so might as well use it all up. I also have an entire roll of Duct Tape to use. So the cost of future pouches will be more zippers.

I still intend to cook something out of my cookbooks this week. I've decided on making a recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook (website). I was going to try to do it this evening, but the snowstorm has kept me really close to home so haven't had the opportunity to buy all the necessary ingredients.

As for my other good intentions, I haven't been taking a picture a day, maybe I'll do better next week. In fact all my photography intentions have not been successful. But there is still time this year. I've kind have decided to not sweat some of this until after getting back from my holidays in late February. I'm also waiting for some research materials so I'm allowing myself all year to meet my intentions.

My vacation in February will also be a vacation from my good intentions. Since I will be gone for three weekends and the last weekend of the month is already booked with other obligations I will not be pressuring myself to accomplish stuff, especially when it concerns my hobbies. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, not add additional stress to ones life.

Now it's time to decide what to make for supper and then settle in for an evening of stitching, TV and a few chores.

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